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Military fiction and non-fiction

3-2-1 Bomb Gone

'A gripping read' - Soldier Magazine

In 3-2-1 Bomb Gone I examine the emergence of the terrorist bombing campaign in Northern Ireland and the Army's early, often haphazard, approach to dealing with it. I look at how the terrorist threat developed in the early 1970s, then grew almost exponentially over the following decades.

The author, all dressed up, ready to take the 'long walk'.

                                    Lessons Forgotten?

                     Why do high-threat counter-IED operators make fatal mistakes?

Better to Die (front).jpg

Taken from Better to Die:

'The nearest soldier turned to face him. His eyes were wide and staring blankly. Flying gravel had left a pattern of bloody pin-pricks across his face. His mouth opened and shut, but nothing came out.'

'Sean was the first into the room. He would never forget the screaming. Never forget and never forgive. That had been twenty years before, and his thirst for vengeance had never left him. But this was no time to let emotions hold sway. Revenge is a dish best served cold.'

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