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“Jack Adair is a soldier’s soldier who knows his trade. Steve Smith has written a ripping-good yarn and knows of what he writes. Move over Bernard Cornwell and Wilbur Smith! We have another maverick who brings real adventure spiced with a devil-may-care-attitude that keeps him in trouble with his superiors but at the same time puts the Queen’s enemies on notice.”

 — James Boschert, author of 'When the Jungle is Silent'

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Here are some of the reviews on Amazon for 'Better to Die'
  • 'Fantastic read - gripping and exciting. Highly recommended. I couldn’t put the book down, the storyline was gripping and exciting.' 

  • 'Cracking good read! This a good old fashioned military adventure with a really interesting if chippy hero and a splendid array of villains.'

  • 'A gripping page turner from beginning to end. A superb military yarn told by an author who has been there.'

  • 'Exciting. Fast moving. Totally gripping. Hilarious. Brilliant! It is an immensely fast moving story, never knowing what is coming next.'

  • 'A cracking read, vividly written and hard to put down. Steve Smith has built a story line that is rich in intriguing detail. The more one reads, the more one has to read.'

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